Good night, Bernard

I had a sad start to today. I got news that lovely, crazy, nut job Bernard had been hit by a car and found dead late last night. I had just finished up my feeding duties with him just that morning and gave him a great big cuddle and a big bowl of Whiskas as a parting gift. Little did I know it would be the last time I saw him alive.

My heart is with his owners R and P who had a bad return from their holiday. I will miss this sad, funny, crazy little character who I enjoyed the company of when they were away over the last year. We had many cappuccinos together and he bit me (playfully) many times.

Good night, sweet boy. xx

Happy Birthday, Tamyra! 7 today

My lovely Tamyra is 7 today! She woke me up before the alarm went off with her latest trick – head boinking me in the face! It is alarming when such a big cat does it.

I still find it hard to believe how big she has grown since she came to live with us and even harder to believe that Katerina will be a similar size in a couple of years.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl. xxxx


I liked this quote but I am a planner and at the end of this very unusual year, I’m reflecting on the year to come and the endings that I’m contemplating.

2017 will be the year I change jobs – towards the end of January to be more precise and then I’ll be freewheeling a little as the new job is part-time. It is scary but I keep telling myself it will be ok 🙂

I’m also deciding to wind up my jewellery business with a close-out sale on Etsy coming in the new year. I’ll still be making the odd things but for myself and for friends rather than doing shows and making more work for myself.

But one thing is for sure, it won’t be the end of my blog! I’m going to keep going with that with renewed vigour 🙂

I have to keep you up to date with these fluffy ones… and the knitting that I’m planning!

Knitter’s Tea Garden Shawlette

I saw some of these yarn balls in cups when I was in Duluth with Jeanne but they didn’t have any colours that inspired me. I saw this Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet Transitions colourway when I was in Athena Yarns in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and it came home with me.

I took me quite a long time to work out what I was going to make with it. Or drape Katerina with.

Katerina is quite approving. It was only after lots of looking at Ravelry queues and seeing what other people had made, I settled upon the Afternoon Tea pattern.

It gets a high approval rating – two kittens! Two kittens is a pretty big deal round here.

Sock Kitten Love Part 2

It is hard work trying to knit with kittens.

Especially when you have just had one bite your toe when trying to remove the sock on your foot!

Claude is rather partial to the Bergere Goomy 50

Very partial. This was taken just before he grabbed hold of the yarn and ran for it. (Not the first incident)

Katerina is also fond of yarn. Oh what is a knitter to do!

Zip up the project bag or we have more yarnbombing!

I managed to knit most of this pair whilst out and about or whilst they were napping!

I feel they have taken quite an interest in these! And they won’t stop liking yarn any time soon!!

On the road – Day 1 St Paul, MN to Mitchell, SD

It had long been a wish for me to finish the road trip that I’d been on with Eileen which was cut short so quickly by being hospitalised with pneumonia. When we were thinking about what we were going to do with our trip, we had thought to go to Paris, MO by car or fly to North Carolina at first but the air flights were a bit more than we originally planned post-Brexit so decided hiring a car and driving to South Dakota would be a nice way to spend most of our second week. Our first leg was the drive from St Paul to Mitchell, SD. I figured that Mitchell would be a good introduction for pao to the weirdness to come. I had such a nice time making my travel journal and thinking about Eileen.

One of the nicest things that happened on our drive down was a call from Bob, checking in and following along with us on the map. He suggested we stop at the Love’s truck stop for lunch and we picked up some dinner (Jeanne will be horrified and bemused by our choices, photo above) and we set Bob a task of calling our hotel to check that there would be a microwave in our room. To our great amusement, the hotel receptionist knew all about us when we arrived. Sadly, cell and wireless petered out so we couldn’t check in with civilization (Jeanne and Bob) much on our trip but it was nice to have Bob travel along with us virtually for a while. I can attest the Cheesy Bowls are not bad.

pao is quite the poster boy for Campbell’s Chunky Chilli. I know it wasn’t the most nutritious of cuisine but it was fun to try some weird and wonderful foodstuffs.

Sock Kitten Love Part 1

I have not been idle these past couple of months. I have been knitting socks.

I love these – they are Arne and Carlos Regia socks. I don’t remember the colourway of these but I do slightly regret not ordering the other colourway before Amazon sold out. I’m sure if I look I could find some, somewhere.

Claude is enormously attached to these socks.

I only took these photos about a month ago and Claude keeps looking older and bigger by the day. He didn’t look like such a huge brute then but these Norwegians do grow some. We’ve not had an NFC boy before so had no idea what to expect.

Caturday has been yarnbombed

The kittens have an unnatural fascination with yarn which is a problem for a knitter.

More than once I’ve had a growly kitten stealing balls of yarn and running riot round the house.

Claude has a particular penchant for yarn stealing.

He loves anything woolly so has been known to try and steal socks off my feet. Katerina likes to steal as well and has tried for shawls I’ve been wearing. I thought Jeanne’s kitty Bette was bad!

We’re in MO now, Dorothy, and anything could happen

We got a call from our friend in Paris, MO to say there had been a big storm! Avidly watching the Weather Channel, it looked liked the roads were out and a little iffy. We had only til 5pm the next day when our flight back to MN was due to leave so we decided to err on the side of caution and spend another night in the lovely hotel and took Jeanne’s advice to get some Kansas City BBQ. We had heard the Plaza was a nice place to go and we soon spotted our lunch spot (Jack Stack).

We looked around the Plaza a while to work up an appetite.

I thought the architecture was quite Hispanic looking.

Kansas City is famous for it’s fountains and the Plaza has many. This one made me double-take.

There were also many beautiful tiled panels.

Another lovely fountain.

I loved this eagle.

There was only so much dodging into air conditioned shops we could do before we had to sit down for a rest. We headed to Jack Stack’s ready for BBQ.

We were not disappointed. We got two lunch platters and shared some different meats. I loved the Burnt Ends in particular. We had some rather nice lamb, too. Chicken I wasn’t as keen on but the pork and beef were very good and I had Cheesy Corn which I recommend.

After lunch, we tried a little more exploring and fountain gazing.

There is quite the Grecian/Trojan horse look to this statue.

This is my favourite statue

probably because it made pao smile. It was also right outside Anthropologie where I got a swoon-worthy pot holder!

We spotted this poor rabbit close to the bus stop and I really felt for the poor animal in the severe heat. Kansas City is lovely but the heat is crazy there.