Will it dry in time?

I finished the body

and arms of my Black Rose Cardigan and I’ve laid them out to block. I only hope that they dry in time as I still need to sew them up and add the border. I keep going to see if it has dried but it has been frustratingly slow dry even with the heating up on full!

Sirius gets highly excited every time I open the door.

2 Responses to “Will it dry in time?”

  1. Tomo Says:

    Sadly I have no knowledge of knitting and am wondering if it needs to be sacked in the water before finishing up (like in using a new fabric )?

    Love the curious expression of Sirius!!!

  2. 2paw Says:

    Oh, it takes forever in Winter. It is so frustration close to the end too. Does Sirius want to lie on the cardi???

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