Yesterday in pictures

Most of you correctly mentioned spinning as part of yesterday’s activities but you missed out of what Tamyra was pictured with.

To her right is a piece of weaving. I went on a course called from Fleece to Fabric where we spun in the morning and wove using a peg loom in the afternoon. I would have posted photos yesterday but had to figure out how to get them off my phone as I’d forgot to put my camera’s memory card back in the camera. Doh!

It was good to be reminded about how to card fleece into rolags.

It is so easy to make a spindle. An old CD or DVD is perfect but I took my own drop spindle with me as I have a very special one made by Sarah’s dad. It is gorgeous.

It was also good to be reminded about how to draw the fleece along which I’d forgotten how to do

and putting it into a figure of eight was a handy tip for when you had enough to put on the spindle.

I think it will be a while before I can get my yarn as smooth as his.

After a good morning on spinning, we got to get creative with the peg loom and Claire in the afternoon.

I’d not woven before but I could see how that could become addictive. I must not start another hobby. I have quite enough, thank you.

I did enjoy weaving some of the yarn I made in the morning into my own piece of fabric.

For some reason I fancied using two different colours for the basic weft(?)

The weaving bit did proceed a lot quicker than the spinning.

Ta-da my finished piece. I really had a fun day although it was tiring and today I feel a bit under the weather again. It has inspired me to investigate spinning a bit more though.

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  1. Seems like a hard work but
    it’s turned out to be such a beautiful piece of work!!!
    Love your choice of the color combination and the mix of different
    textures of the yarn!!!

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