The James Bond Crisp Flavour Contest

Have you ever thought to yourself : “hmmm, I wonder what flavour crisps James Bond eats?”..

Well, it appears that quite a number of people have had this thought according to pao’s blog and pao being pao has decided on a little quest.

So here’s the deal: help pao become the number one hit on google by linking to his blog entry with the words ‘what flavour crisps does James Bond eat’.

The code for this is simple, just type (British spelling of flavour, please):

Your reward? Well, you can win a skein of Fyberspates sock yarn or other goodies if you are a non-knitter. All you have to do is link to pao’s blog entry in a blog entry of your own and leave me a comment here to say you’ve done it. The winner will be chosen by Chris’ random number generator.

I’m giving you quite a long time to do this – closing date for the contest is 31 October at 9pm GMT – so spread the word – and in the meantime pao will be trying to find out what flavour crisps does James Bond eat.

Get linking and start winning!

13 thoughts on “The James Bond Crisp Flavour Contest

  1. Hi Sam,

    first of all a belated congratulation on your 1 year blog anniversary!

    So is this new .com blog better than a blog? Has it better features? Is it also free? I’m intrigued! Yep I’m also thinking about going away from blogger after a year, that’s why I’m asking.

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  3. Oh, well…I’ve never even thought about that question…but I will post back to Pao! I can’t wait to hear if his quest is succesful.

  4. Like Kirsten, I don’t think that question has ever crossed my mind and I ponder a lot of things! Anyway, There is a link on my page. Good luck to Pao and happy searching!

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