Black Cat Appreciation Day

Apparently today is black cat appreciation day so I figured it was only right to show you some black cats.

So, of course, it is only fitting that I share a photo of the two black cats I visit daily! First up, Mayhem

and then Chaos from Stumbling Over Chaos! When we met them in person, it did feel like we were meeting blog royalty.

There are other black kitties who I adore from blogland: Gandalf who belongs to Brigitte and Sirius and Cassie who belong to Mrs Life .

I can’t forget our own black cats of the past – lovely Jasper who didn’t love Merlin but did have a huge capacity to love everyone else though especially Lucy..

and good old faithful Merlin. So sad he’s gone still. We heard a friend’s cat purring so loudly tonight it reminded me of him. I miss that daft old cat.

Thank goodness, we have Sirius or we’d have no black cats at all. And that would be sad as I love them so. Which black cats do you like?

5 thoughts on “Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Aw, thanks for your sweet words about my Terrible Two! 🙂 And I’ve had the good fortune to meet Gandalf as well. And Sirius is, of course, a handsome little lad – and that’s my list! 🙂 Well, ok, the cat whose name I’ve forgotten at Penguin Girl. And the little black kittens at Love & Hisses right now. And… I’ll stop now. 🙂

  2. Happy Black Cat Day to you. I don’t know many cats, but none of them are black all over.Great picture of Sirius observing his domain!!

  3. You know all the black cats I know. And I like one of them. I’ll let you guess which one. 🙂

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