Linkity pinkity


Really cool phone ad 🙂




I thought this little kitty with a broken leg bounding up the stairs is sooo cute.

5 thoughts on “Linkity pinkity

  1. That is an amazing phone ad and what a cute broken legged kitten. And the big cat who appears right at the end.
    I am sad you didn’t receive the chance to buy tickets to the Olympics. We saw Boris(??Lord Mayor) messing about with the new pool on the news this week.
    I bookmarked those slippers!! I have an above average, extremely, highly limber and creative mind according to the link!!
    Love your linkety links.

  2. That kitty is adorable but I hear a dog barking! No wonder he’s running.

    So much delicious looking food! Starving. Rats, it’s noon. Everything will be packed.

  3. I do not think messyness or tidyness has any correlation with creativity and I’d like to see some evidence that says it is. Personally keeping my office comletely tidy has been one of the very best things I have done (work wise) in the last decade and I strongly recommend it to any one. The feeling of liberating calm when you don’t arrive to a pile of junk all over your desk in the morning is worth any effort initially required. Keeping it tidy is easy, getting to tidyness in the first place does require effort.

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