Still knitting

I’ve finally been knitting again. I started these Fancy Feet (Ravelry link) a while ago and I got a bit stumped on the short row heel bit…

But I finally cracked it after looking at this very good tutorial on the web! It also helped that I had a very relaxing day with a lovely friend today – just what I needed after a very intense week!!

It is always nice to try something new … I caught Sirius in a new sleeping position!

4 thoughts on “Still knitting

  1. Those socks are cute! Are those cables? It almost looks like cathedral windows (quilting) or smocking.

    Sirius is *sleeping* like that? Cats.

  2. I always do a heel flap and gusset because that’s the way my feet go. Nice socks, pretty colour!! Can that really be a comfortable way to sleep??!!

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