Book 51: Dear Fatty by Dawn French

Well, pao is still not well so I’m having to rearrange things to deal with that. But all will be well – I know it…

Dear Fatty by Dawn French

This is our book club book for this month and was a score as I found it on the library van. Wow – book club book in the library van before book club. I need a sit down.

Being a member of a book club means that I get to read some books I wouldn’t normally consider. This is one of those and although I do like Dawn French as an actress/comedienne, I confess I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book.

The book is an autobiography written in the form of letters to various people in Dawn’s life and chronicles her life from childhood onwards including a visit to their RAF home by the Queen Mother to a 100th birthday party that became a wake.

I did find it a bit voyeuristic looking at someone’s life in snippets like that and even though I enjoy the Vicar of Dibley, Jam and Jerusalem and Larkrise to Candleford which she has been in, I’m still not sure I’d want to read her autobiography. It isn’t that I’m against autobiographies; after all, I really do want to read Toast which is about Nigel Slater who is someone I’m quite interested in.

Sirius is getting his beauty sleep as Monday is his birthday and he wants to look all shiny for his mummy (well, mummy’s mum) who is coming to dinner to wish him happy birthday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Book 51: Dear Fatty by Dawn French

  1. So how did you like it? I’m not normally a big fan of epistlary style but that said, I loved Daddy Long Legs, Anne Frank’s diary and the David Hockney book I’m reading now.

    Still? STILL? Poor Pao. Get well soon!! Soon. Really, really soon.

  2. I’m not a fan of that style of writing, either!

    Oh, pao wasn’t able to go back to work today as he hoped?! *sending more healing thoughts*

    How old is Sirius going to be?

  3. It is horrid being ill, so I hope Pao is feeling better soon, and you are cheerier!!
    Our Libraries run Book Club and they post the box of books out each month, for free!! I am not in a book club now but I have been. I went through a stage when all I read were autobiographies and biographies. I am a bit over it now!!
    Happy Upcoming Birthday to Sirius!!

  4. I read Dear Fatty and also felt a bit voyeuristic which isn’t something I have felt before when reading other autobiographies. I think it is because of the epistolary format. Other than Anne Frank, which I read as a child and can’t remember because it was so very, very long ago, I hadn’t come across this style before . Letters are personal. Still I liked the style. Funnily enough, although I would have said Dawn French was one of my favourite actresses I came away from her book thinking ‘I don’t actually like you very much’ and I am not sure why!!
    I have read Toast. Loved it. Now want to go and look after Nigel Slater and have him teach me cooking. Looking forward to the next one the title of which escapes me at the moment.
    So sorry Pao is still poorly. Am thinking of you both lots. I wish Pao to be properly better very very soon but let’s not forget you, the carer, and so I wish you light, warmth and strength.
    Are you still doing the Oyster festival and if so do you need help with a stall?? My offer to help still stands. I have some things on next week but timewise if I can do it I will. Just let me know.

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