Hop, skip, linkity


We have a historic referendum here tomorrow about our changing our voting system. This useful video (with cats) explains how it all works!

Now I know what would happen if I open the yarn cupboard and it all fell out….

Simon’s cat 🙂 Darn that pesky bunny!



  • I’ve not come across a cake you bake in a cold oven yet but this Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound Cake does look rather delicious.
  • These Not Cross Buns look rather good – I didn’t have a chance to make any Hot Cross ones so this might be something nice to try.


Have fun Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Hop, skip, linkity

  1. Simon’s Cat was so cute! The Purina commercial was pretty funny.

    That voting system is what they did in the City of Oakland for Mayor the last election – the “shoo-in” was not elected and Jean Quan, who the San Francisco Chronicle had said “…mathematically she just can’t do it” did. Ranked voting, it was called.

    Cute flying pig!!

  2. The Purina commercial is cute – but I bet they get a ton of people freaking out over how dangerous yarn can be to cats…

  3. We have Preferential Voting (AV) federally but we have the even more complicated Hare-Clark.
    There was a cat doing Tamyra-like things with the ball of wool in the pool too!!

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