I went to London Town and all I brought you was these photos

We had to go to London on Friday to buy some more beads for my business adventure. It was a flying visit – nothing too long and no meeting friends. Just get there, do the doings and come home again. We didn’t stop for dinner or go to a museum or anything but we did make it back to Carnaby Street where we stopped this super mosaic which we hadn’t seen before. It is a much happier journey to London Town now we have a super hi-speed train – before it took almost two hours to get there then the same to get back and it was such a drag. Now we can get there in an hour – hurrah!

On closer inspection, it turned out to be a super cool map

and clock!

I just love the detail!

But what I really loved was that pao was able to come with me! Hurrah! He is getting better! Hurrah!

7 thoughts on “I went to London Town and all I brought you was these photos

  1. That is a truly amazing map! And I am so glad that pao is recovering and was able to make the trip.

    At least you took a semi-touristy picture, unlike some people with their ‘I went to London and took a picture of a policeman running away from a riot’ picture!!!

  2. High speed trains are awesome! I wish there were one from my parents’ house to Minneapolis. That is a two hour drive as well.

    That mosaic is impressive! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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