Book 25: Presumed Guilty by Tess Gerritsen

Well, my cough doesn’t seem to be improving any and I have kind of figured that there really isn’t a lot of point going to the doctor about it after reading their information sheet. I don’t have an infection any more so presumably am not contagious and there is a lot of it going around as I heard a guy in the supermarket hacking away in the same breath stealing manner I’ve been. The most part of it is that it makes me feel incredibly light-headed after hacking away 🙁 Not fun 🙁

It has been unseasonably sunny and warm here over the past two days and I headed off out in the car this morning after dropping pao off at work (hurrah!) to investigate getting some spare parts for our skylight blinds as they broke quite spectacularly and I haven’t gotten round to finding anything yet but we are having visitors soon so I guess they would like to be able to shut out the light at night! Thankfully I did find a nice company who came out this evening and informed me that it wasn’t me that broke the fitting, the design of the blind meant that the plastic thingy sat in the sun all day and degraded hence the snapping. I might be able to have some shade for full summer – at the moment I’m avoiding working in the morning as it is too hot in the room so working afternoon and part of the evening instead. I have got other places I could go but I have to pick pao up from work so that kind of dictates how the day is going at the moment.

Presumed Guilty by Tess Gerritsen

I am certainly glad that I didn’t give up on Tess Gerritsen after reading a few pages of the Mephisto Club as I wouldn’t have read Presumed Guilty!

Miranda Wood has just ended an affair she has been having with her boss Richard Tremain, a wealthy newspaper boss and he is not prepared to let her go so easily. He keeps calling and calling in to see her, not at all prepared to accept that their relationship is over and she has seen his true colours and doesn’t believe anything he says to her any more. One evening, he calls and says he is coming over and Miranda leaves the house to get some air and try and avoid seeing him. When she gets back though, he is lying in her bed, stabbed to death.

Miranda is the number one suspect in the case and no one seems prepared to believe that she didn’t murder him out of malice as they all thought that Richard had ended the affair and not the other way round. Miranda has no witnesses to corroborate her story and the police believe that the case is open and shut. It is up to Miranda to prove her innocence and seems to have been thrown a lifeline to do this when an anonymous donor pays for her bail but this seeming kindness has put her into mortal danger. Miranda uncovers more about Richard and his family and discovers some terrible secrets which someone is willing to kill for to keep secret.

I really enjoyed this novel. I was really relieved that it wasn’t as scary as the Mephisto Club – it isn’t often that I give up on a book after a couple of pages. I liked the story and it was well-told. I’d definitely pick up another Tess Gerritsen.

Sirius is quite relieved as scary books keep me awake and then I go and wake him up for a cuddle.

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  1. Mrs. Pao- These coughs seem to last a long time.

    I hope Pao is better. Sirius looks like the third Chaos and Mayhem trio-

  2. I hope you can soldier on in spite if the horrid cough.
    I think I read a good review in the paper of that book. At least you have Sirius to cuddle!!

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