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Cat ladies: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Ever wondered what your cat would look like with a natty hair-do? Now you can!

I’m sure your kitties would never agree to be filmed in such a way, oh no!
And just in case you think that your cat would look fabulous in a wig, there is an actual store that sells kitty wigs called Kitty Wigs!




7 Responses to “Linky love”

  1. Kristi aka FiberFool Says:

    OMG! I *have* to knit a little Brandon. It is quickly becoming a moral imperative!

  2. Chris Says:

    Oh DEAR about Single White Feline…

    That panda bread is amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your meringues. :)

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Single White Feline – that’s great.

  4. 2paw Says:

    Oh that cat with all the hairdos is so funny!!!
    I like the Pi pie, I like any mathematical food and yum, Meyer lemon creams would be like eating lemon curd, but better!!!

  5. pao Says:

    It’s a good job that you didn’t have a cat before you met me, of course now that you do have cats I definitely have moved well down the pecking order.

  6. nic@nipitinthebud Says:

    that videos very amusing.
    G’s cat Tom used to walk across the phone cradle to cut us off if he felt G was ignoring him for too long!

  7. iHanna Says:

    Thanks for the good laugh with these videos! Still smiling.

    Have a great day!

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