A sneak peak

I’m taking the plunge with this jewellery malarky and attending a wedding show as an exhibitor early next month so I’m having to get some lovelies ready for that. This is a knitted crystal and pearl pendant :)

Pretty pearl and crystal earrings

Pearly crystally earrings.

This one has a pearly length of chain.

Pendant with crystals and pearl. There are also some matching earrings.

Last but not least: Mr Cute.

6 Responses to “A sneak peak”

  1. pao Says:

    Shouldn’t that be a picture of me?

  2. Robin Says:

    Very pretty! Have fun and I hope you do well.

  3. Chris Says:

    Lovely stuff!!

    Will you still like me if I ‘fess up to not being a jewelry wearer? I let the holes in my ears grow closed even.

  4. Kristi aka FiberFool Says:

    Lovely! How fun to be exhibitor. I hope it goes well and I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves!

  5. Jeanne Says:

    Very nice. I hope things go well for you at the show.

  6. Carrie K Says:

    Hullo Mr Cute! Very cute indeed.

    Crossing fingers for you at the exhibit! Your pieces are lovely.

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