A finishing touch

We got our Christmas tree up on Sunday. I was careful to buy non-glass ornaments to decorate it as I didn’t want to have Sirius getting into mischief or injury. I was amused to find an extra ornament in the tree on Monday morning. (Click to embiggen)

I certainly got a surprise!

12 thoughts on “A finishing touch

  1. My current cats pretty much ignore the tree. Of course, I don’t put any ornaments on it so where is the fun?

  2. “Well, why did you put it there if you didn’t want me to climb it?”

    seems like a reasonable thing for a kitten to do!

  3. In my experience, there are only two attitudes cats have to Christmas trees: (1) what tree? and (2) ooh, something new to climb!

    Good luck!

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  5. You certainly are brave to have a Christmas tree up. If I were to have one here, regardless of having a kitten in the house now, it wouldn’t last the day!

  6. That’s so funny! While I was out and about today doing some holiday shopping, I ran into four “store” kitties — three of them were black cats.

  7. hello MrsPao, thanks for popping over to my blog. I see we share a love of black cats – here’s my sweetheart Mikey http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/black_cats/
    Sirius is quite the scamp isn’t he. We had a christmas tree the first year our cats were kittens and each morning we came down to the tree on the floor and tinsel and baubles batted around the room so we’ve not had one since!
    I see I’ve got some way to go before i have 223 posts with cats in. Love it :o)

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