Thinking about the spring garden

The weather has been turning nicer and my thoughts have turned to the garden again.

I planted these cabbage seedlings a mere week ago and repotted them today.

The same with these courgettes

and cucumbers.

pao bought me some nifty and very nice new propogators for the


and tomatoes. I totally love them – they are really sturdy and the best part was that they only cost £2.79 each and will last me for years.

I’ve also got potatoes chitting – they take six weeks to chit properly so I’m all impatient as I want to get them in the ground and going but I know I have to wait. I’ve also got a rhubarb crown in a big pot (no photo as I’ve inadvertantly been trying to kill it but making putting the wrong kind of cover on it and not letting it get cold like the rhubarb compendium says.

pao bought me a cranberry plant we spotted in a garden centre yesterday and I’ve asked the milkman to bring me a grow bag to plant salads in. Now I just need to find a way of repelling slugs and I’ll be all happy. I did spot some beer traps in a shop yesterday and now wish I’d bought some but I’ll start my salad off in the conservatory. pao’s grandmother is growing some tomato plants for me at her house and gave me a packet of salad leaves so I’ve got a nice lot of projects on the go.

Growing your own seems to have become eminently popular at the moment as people are trying to cut back. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of my equipment for my garden already collected over the years or I’ve been given old pots so I don’t have to buy any new ones and I collected a couple of dozen that a garden centre were giving away yesterday. We did end up having to buy a new mini greenhouse as we’d somehow lost the shelves off one of the ones we had before. I’ve decided to treat the conservatory as the greenhouse and am just using the shelving as staging and not putting the cover on. A risky strategy as I may well come home and find a cat asleep on the lettuces but the cats used to love to climb up and sit themselves on the top of the cover 🙂

My head is overflowing with plans and things I’d like to grow – our garden is too small for all I’d like to grow but we have lots and lots of plastic pots and compost so I’m working on those. I’ve got some sweetcorn on the go so that I can try out something called the Three Sisters method of planting where corn, beans and squash all grow together. When I get a moment this week, I’m planting some strawberry seeds to get something on the go for hanging baskets.

I’m also very excited about getting these Knitpicks circs! I’ve been thinking about getting some for a while and when I started thinking about knitting Copine in the latest Yarn Forward (yes, Deb, when I got our copies my eye fell on it and fell in love completely, too) as it would be perfect with the yarn I got in Oxford. Sadly, the kit doesn’t have the 6.5mm circs tip in it which the pattern calls for but I’m going to fiddle about with gauge and see what I come up with. I saw them last week on a trip to the Country Living Spring Fair in London with my friend Rachel which happened to be happening round the corner from Loop.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about the spring garden

  1. What are courgettes? I hope you love the KPs circulars as much as I do!

    My parents used to plant garlic between tomato plants to help repel bugs/slugs. No idea how effective it was – that was a long time ago and I don’t remember!

  2. So many things to grow! Jon is the gardener here but mostly flowers. I may have to try my hand at a few veggies thoug. Oh goodie another Copine to look forward to! Yea!

  3. We only have a 4m X 2m patio and it is going to be bursting at the seams with plants by the time I am done! We bought 1″ bamboo to make tall stakes with, bean seeds, I found the soy bean seeds, we have corn seeds (short variety), I just have to get out there and do it! Oh and a small growing canteloupe/rock melon. Plus a neighbour has tomato seedlings on the go. Plus I have to get some basil.

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