Vintage Tea Swap and SRP Book 5

I was woken up this morning by the postman who brought me a fabulous box full of goodies from Fairy Cake Girl! Thank you so much, Wendy: I’m overwhelmed by the loveliness of your package.

It was all done up so beautiful in pink polka dot paper with lots of lovely stars inside the box.

This is what was inside the box:

(Sorry: I had hoped to do the clicky for larger image thing but just feel really unwell today and can’t concentrate enough to fiddle about with it)

I absolutely love this package! I was debated on whether or not to buy the tea strainer and spoon when we were last in Whittards and I’m going to drink some of that lovely tea with a chocolate or two when pao gets home this afternoon. I love the delicate hankie, crocheted placemat and polka dot tea towel. The book is fantastic – I have always wanted to go for tea at the Ritz! I’ve been reading about seedcake in Swallows and Amazons and there is a recipe for it inside so I’m going to have try it 🙂

I’m so lucky! Thank you again, Wendy, there is nothing nicer when you are feeling bleh to get such a gorgeous parcel of fun things. Thank you so much Ms*Robyn for organising the swap 🙂

SRP Book 5

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal is the 29th book in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

The main protagonist, Moist Von Lipwig, a conman; has been hung to within an inch of his life. His “angel” Lord Vetinari has spared him on condition that he becomes the Postmaster. When Moist arrives at the Post Office, it is a delapidated, outdated and unused place. Letters have come in throughout the years but haven’t been delivered and there are hundreds and thousands of them crammed into all the nooks and crannies. There are still carrier pigeons who do what pigeons do. Most people had foresworn the Post Office for the “clacks” service (like a telegraph, I think) anyway. The previous four incumbents of the job have all come to a sticky end thus Moist von Lipwig has quite a job on his hands so naturally he does what feels natural to him and runs away.

Moist isn’t gone for long though, Mr Pump, his parole officer and a golem (large scary creature made from pottery) has caught up with him and he is forced to return to the Post Office. Putting his devious but clever brain to work, he starts to work out how to regenerate the Post Office.

Going Postal seems a bit different from all the others in the Discworld series but pokes satirical fun at the Post Office. Being British, some of the most humourous parts for me were thinking about the parallels between the Royal Mail and the Post Office described in this novel. I found it a little hard to get into but eventually found it hard to put down.

(480 pages)

The trouble with finishing a book is chosing what to read next. I’m not in the mood for inventions now so it is a choice between trying the Miriam Grace Monfredo or trying to dig out my copy of Persuasion.

Race for Life update: I have now spoken to The Race for Life people, they will still debit the money pledged on the sponsorship page as it was given in good faith and extenuating circumstances meant I couldn’t do the walk on that day. When I’m fit and healthy again, I will go on a 5km walk and I will let you choose where I go.

Jasper’s been home for a bit of bribery. He’s such a flirt that it is the only way we can keep him coming home!

5 thoughts on “Vintage Tea Swap and SRP Book 5

  1. Perfect timing for a wonderful package! I’m glad to hear that bit of info from the Race for Life people. Yay! And Jasper is totally like that cat from the kid’s book I just read on your recommendation… mind going blank… ??

  2. Oh, that box looks fabulous!

    Isn’t it odd how we go from book to book? I’ve been keeping tracke the last couple of years (before that it would have never, ever dawned on me) and sometimes the books cluster in an understandable class, but sometimes I look schizophrenic.

  3. Love that swap. Wow. I’m jealous!! Love your new look. I just noticed. It is a new look, isn’t it? Tell me, it’s a new look and I’m not going bonkers!

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