“Your socks don’t match”

Observed pao this evening as I showed him my latest FO.

I did observe this myself as I was knitting them but kept thinking I might find the green bit again, maybe. Anyway, I like them because they are more than a little unmatchy.

The yarn was ever so attractive on the skein too but now I revisit the photo I see the splodge of green. 🙂

It is Posh Yarn‘s Laura sock yarn and the first time I’ve knit with it. Despite the splodge (which I do like), it is lovely to knit with. Thank you to pao for purchasing it for me.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the lovely surprise sent by Lynne 🙂

Now I really ought to stop procrastinating and think about doing some writing or go to bed!

7 thoughts on ““Your socks don’t match”

  1. The feet actually are plenty matchy – it’s just the leg part that is more fraternal than identical. But I think it’s nice that each of your legs gets to march to its own drummer.

    Of course, MY legs march each to their own drummer, which means that they rarely agree on which way to go, with the result that I fall down a lot…

    (nothing’s perfect. certainly not me!)

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