Do you have any carrots?

… said pao as I sat down upon arriving home this evening..

?? thought me as he handed me a cardboard box.

I opened it up and there was a beautifully wrapped package. Giving it a squeeze, it felt like yarn but I knew what was inside straight away!

Meet Barney, a little cotton rabbit made by the wonderful Julie whose blog I’ve been reading since I saw Mr Minky at Dave’s blog just over a year ago. I’ve been hoping and watching her site since then for toy updates because I really loved seeing her beautiful toys and hoped that I’d have one of my own one day. She is so good that she sells out within minutes of the toys going up – I’ve tried a couple of times to no avail but she is sweet lady and has now decided that she will put the odd toy up in her Etsy shop from time to time to give less able to click mortals a chance to get hold of one of her wonderful creations.

So when I got an email saying she was going to do that yesterday morning, I clicked on the link straight away and Barney was staring back at me. As I no longer have a Paypal account, I duly rang pao and told him about the loveliness of Barney.

When I clicked refresh on the page as I was talking to pao, I saw with sadness that Barney had sold. I feared that one of those quick fingered people had snaffled him and I would have to stalk the Etsy shop in hope that I might see another bunny as it is her bunnies I love the best and you know how much I love bunnies.

I said in a sad voice: “Someone has beaten me to it. Barney’s just sold.”

To which pao replied: “That person would be me.”


Barney’s really settled in quickly and is making friends. He can’t help it – he’s so cute and I’m so very lucky to have a wonderful pao 🙂 Thank you so much, pao!

Now I know I promised you photos of festing and the Canterbury giant but you’ve got to agree, Barney is too gorgeous not to share with you straight away. 🙂 I can totally understand how Julie’s toys are so popular. He is so beautifully made and has the cutest face.

12 thoughts on “Do you have any carrots?

  1. Barney is wonderful. All that happened yesterday, and he arrived at your home today? That’s amazing. You had better stock up on carrots. The cats seem as impressed as cats ever get.

  2. I’m so glad he reached you safely and that you like him! He certainly looks very happy to have landed in such a loving home with lots of snuggly friends!

  3. Don’t you love him? She does such excellant work, and each one really does have a personality. My MrMinky is in hiding right now because of the new kitten, but he watches everything through the glass panel on the cabinet.

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