Goodbye earth, hello sky

Saturday was the last day of the earth cycle of Project Spectrum. These photos were taken at Wildwood – the mud shows just how much it has rained here recently. The staff at the entrance were warning us that it was muddy – they weren’t kidding.

Goodbye to EARTH – green, brown, metallics. It was a funny couple of months as I didn’t plan to knit anything in those colours but I did concentrate on working on the garden instead. We’ve got a lot of seedlings springing into life on windowsills around the house.


AIR – gray, white, yellow

Now, these colours aren’t ones I usually knit with so I had to cast around for some projects. I’d already knitted with yellow last month – hello baby foorah 🙂 I’ve decided to get out a project I’ve had stashed away since Easter. It’s Odette in Kidsilk Aura in a steel grey. I think it is quite a nice goal for the two months particularly since it has taken a turn for the cold here. We had to have the heating on last night!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye earth, hello sky

  1. Odette sounds like a great Air project! Sounds like you’re having as odd a “summer” as are we.

  2. I’ve had the heat on and off so many times this spring, it’s not funny anymore. It might be off for good now though, I hope.

  3. Hearing you on the temperature fluctuations.

    How about an oatmeal or natural yarn to knit an Aran? Very “air”.

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