Red London

I hope you’re not bored with London – I love it 🙂 I saw a lot of red in London and thought these were perfect Project Spectrum photos.

A vintage red bus in the Imperial War Museum.

A propoganda badge from WWII.

Probably what started British Summer Time.

Blackfriars Bridge.

Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Update on pao: He’s not too grumpy considering he’s had to take drops every hour for the last however many hours. He managed to wake up for the klaxon through last nights but doesn’t think the pain is any less but at least it isn’t any more or we’ll be taking a trip over the A&E in Ashford.

5 thoughts on “Red London

  1. Oooh, I hope pao’s George is OK! *hugs* and good eyeball vibes are being sent your way!
    You’ve been in your house over a year now? Egads! Seems like no time at all!
    (still offline. Killing me. argh!)

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