8 random things

I was tagged by the talented and wonderful Bellamoden quite some time ago but here they are:)

1. If I had a choice of savoury or sweet, savoury would win every time. My favourite snack is Bugles which they do not sell in the UK. pao and I went into many shops including in St Paul which is a twin of Minneapolis where the back of the pack professes to be the home of the Bugle distributor. After almost ten whole days in the US, we found a pack in a Boston supermarket. I knew that pao was breathing a sigh of relief at that point because we had hunted many stores at that point for the elusive Bugle. (He did manage to placate me with some Cheetos but they really aren’t quite in the Bugle league.) I lovingly carried back a precious pack of Bugles in my carry on luggage for consumption at some point before the expiry date or I may have already eaten them… Oh, and for the record, they have to be Original flavoured.

2. Hmm, looks like I might have to take a trip to China because Bugles have a Chinese fun club. Perhaps my love of Bugles is genetic. I am half-Chinese after all. It always catches people because they can’t make it out. I was asked if I was Russian once. Niet!

3. I completely chickened out of joining the village Women’s Institute after watching the members entering the hall through the upstairs window one evening. I suppose I was a little nervous when the organiser woman said I sounded a lot younger than she had expected.

4. I still haven’t heard the monkeys which pao and foo reckoned they heard when they were in the garden when we came round to look at the house the second time. (We have a zoo not far away.) HP6 is surprisingly quiet 🙂

5. I love shellfish but shellfish does not love me. I have to seriously ration myself when we go to seafood restaurants these days. I used to be able to eat lots of lovely lobster but I can’t anymore 🙁

6. I love watching the Wizard of Oz at Christmas time. It has to be at Christmas time as it isn’t right at any time of the year. It is one of my earliest memories of my childhood Christmasses.

7. I miss snow. The last time I remember us having any decent proper snow for more than a couple of days at a time was when I was a kid. No one complained about it and we all just seemed to get on with whatever we were doing despite the snow.

8. I love having afternoon tea – properly with a tea pot and proper china cups 🙂 I think we have about 3 or 4 different tea sets – just two china sets though.

Want to play? Ok, I tag you!

HP6 is up to mischief again – look what he did to pao 🙂 He’s a cheeky wotsit!

9 thoughts on “8 random things

  1. HP6 – so wicked!! Hee hee. You can have some of our snow if you’d like. It’s fun for a week and then I’m ready for it to be gone!

  2. We probably could have found you some Bugles if you had warned us ahead of time. And as for the snow, next time visit us in January or February.

  3. He’s a darling monkeykins. Bugles! I haven’t had any of those in eons.

    Oh, join the Women’s Institute! Eventually you’ll be old enough. And, after all, this is the oldest you’ve ever been. 🙂

  4. I’m going to keep an eye out for Bugles, now. Scott actually looked for them after your visit, when he’d never mentioned them previously – you apparantly have unlocked a deep hitherto unconscious yearning (so far, it has remained unsatisfied, sad to say).

    I wish we could tesseract you here – we’ve got plenty of snow. This will be the first White Christmas in several years, and although the Vampire could probably do without quite so much shoveling, I am happy as a clam (now that I don’t have to wade through the stuff to get in and out of the house…)

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

    (At least, until the Vampire moves out… at that point I might appreciate Brown Christmases a little more)

  5. I have to say I don’t see Bugles around that much; my great-aunt used to dip them in french onion dip (you know, a pint of sour cream and a packet of Lipton’s onion soup mix. Can you say sodium? But so tasty.)

    Climbing in the window at the WI? Are you sure they weren’t burglars?

  6. We often have Bugles in the vending machine at work! One of my all-time favorite salty snacks.

    And it’s probably your light hair that throws people off when guessing your ethnicity.

    You know…when I first started reading your blog, I thought “Mrs Pao” must be Chinese! Then I read it was your hubby’s initials. But, turns out I was right after all. Half right. 🙂

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