Christmas knits

I was at the Good Yarn Stall in Spitalfields a couple of weeks after Bob and Louise visited and saw some beautiful alpaca merino silk mix yarn called Tundra from the Fibre Company and fell in love with the beautiful Taiga colorway. I though of making a scarf but changed my mind and made a Last-minute Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. I quickly knit a moss stitch version with one skein.

I wanted to make my super friend Anna a gift and decided on attempting the broken rib. After some frantic knitting and unpicking on Christmas Eve, I finally finished it and got it on the blocking mats.

Anna’s wasn’t quite dry on Christmas morning so I had to hasten things by drying it on the radiator and seeing in ends moments before we were due to leave for lunch! Katerina tried to help by pulling out the blocking pins.

I left mine to dry naturally and came back to find Tamyra had claimed it for herself even though it was still wet!

3 thoughts on “Christmas knits

  1. They are lovely and that is how I finish all my deadlined craft projects: at the last moment. Our craft is accessorised with Labradors, yours with cats!

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