Stir up Sunday +7

I’m slightly late to the Stir up Sunday tradition this year. I decided on a flour free cake and used this recipe for Healthy Christmas Cake. For the observant amongst you, you will see a nutty fruity topping on the cake. This is due to me using part of a fruit cake kit with presoaked fruit that I had lurking in the cupboard. It was in the box and I thought it would look pretty 🙂

Katerina is testing out her new gift. I hosted a little Syjunta gathering yesterday and one of my guests donated a tassel to her.

One thought on “Stir up Sunday +7

  1. Oh, Katerina and her tassel, I assume fun ensured?? Yum, I am making a Bishop’s cake for my mum this week. Your cake looks delicious and the fruit on top was inspired.

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