The summer of finishing off – Part 2

When I was in the USA with Jeanne last year, I was furiously knitting away at my Swoon shawl-cardigan in hopes of getting it finished by the end of my holiday. I was, however, distracted by a beautiful shawl and mini-skeins acquired as a birthday gift in Duluth so laid it aside as I didn’t think lace was very portable on a road trip. So I had been working away on this Swoon in Madeline Tosh yarn and enjoyed many happy hours sitting in Jeanne’s then Eileen’s working on this and thinking it wouldn’t be too long to get it finished and wearable when I got home again. WRONG! These small creatures entered my life and wrecked my knitting. So this summer with the prospect of quiet houses and less excited feline company meant I got to finish it off. I had just one piece of lace to knit and then attached it all to the main part of the shawdigan, I had no help. It was great. And I was able to block it in peace. And dry it without it being attacked or dragged off by a growling grey kitten. I think it turned out rather beautiful. I love it. Hugo was such a champ. Not at all interested. A perfect knitting cat friend.

2 thoughts on “The summer of finishing off – Part 2

  1. Oh it is gorgeous, you have done such a wonderful job, truly beautiful. Our animal companions just love to help us craft!!

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