Mrspao’s Butternut squash lasagne

Here’s another low carb recipe I put together. I’ve been wanting to try butternut squash lasagne for a while now. I spotted a pack and a plan came together. My neighbour had given me some fancy-looking goat’s cheese and since pao hates all cheese, I figured this would be a good way of using it. I used: 1 pack of butternut lasagne sheets 1 roll of goat’s cheese 1 pack of sausage meat (around 250g) – my sausage meat came with seasoning all included so I chose sausage with apricot and garlic in it as I thought the sweetness would counteract the sharpness of the goat’s cheese. (Note: I did also have a pot of butternut squash and sage sauce which I left somewhere so I had to make do without it) I used two smaller Le Creuset dishes as they are perfectly sized for two portions each. I often make lasagne in these because they aren’t so heavy 🙂 I buttered my dish to prevent sticking and laid my butternut at the bottom then followed it with meat then butternut then cheese layers. I was a bit flummoxed by my top layer as I had planned to use the missing sauce with goats cheese on top so had to come up with a plan B. I did put the goats cheese on the top but dotted butter around it just so it didn’t get too crisp. I may not do this step in future but it was nice anyway. This is how it turned out and it tasted great, too! I think I’d like to try butternut lasagne sheets again. No one seems to have come up with a short name for those? Buttsagne? Lasnut? My comfort chillax with my lasagne as Olivia brought me a shrew! It took 45 minutes to capture it and release it back into the night. She wasn’t impressed when I shut her out of the room whilst I was catching it!

2 thoughts on “Mrspao’s Butternut squash lasagne

  1. Eek, a shrew?! I have never seen pumpkin lasagne sheets, you are way ahead of us! Very creative, and who doesn’t like cheese?? I adore cheese, it is my downfall…..

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