The Story of Our Quilt

Let me take you back to a day in October 2013, the protagonists being a couple of crazy paos and a kitten.

“Let’s make a quilt,” they said.
“Oh yes, the kitten is very helpful.”

And so, the quilt’s life progresses..
“Sirius is very helpful.”

Especially so as his love, the sewing machine, was out.

“Tamyra is wondering what the bits of post-it are all about.”

And so, the quilt had some edging added to it as we’d got a voucher and John Lewis had put out a limited edition special fabric. The quilt was all pieced together and I cut the back and edging.

But then we had to quilt it.

How should we quilt it?

With what should we quilt it?

What pattern should we use?

…. how do we start?

All these questions swirled in our minds as we contemplated the enormous task ahead of us. As neither of us had a clue what to do, the quilt sat languishly in a bag. There was a wrinkle in the back and we didn’t have floor space big enough to spread it to try and fix the wrinkle

And it languished, being tripped over and sighed over for several years.

Until mrspao had a relevation in 2017. A proficient and prolific quilter friend was showing off her quilts on Facecbook (other social networks are available) and it got mrspao wondering how she was churning them out so quickly as this lady had a full time job after all.

“I sent it away, of course!”
A lightbulb went on in mrspao’s head and she then sought to track this finisher of quilts down. And found her in the village hall opposite the house. Without a moment’s hesitation, she handed it over and said, “Please help. We’re desperate.”

pao and I visited the lady a few weeks later, and she gave us lots of options including, “I can finish this off for you”.

“Yes, please,” we cried.

And so we picked it up a couple of months later, just in time for our special trip for our 16th wedding anniversary.

We went champing!

Yes, that is correct, it really is camping in a church. Some people may say we cheated at the end but we chose everything and the lovely lady had the most incredible quilting set up so it wasn’t a difficult decision to hand over what we had done to get her to finish it. I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

6 thoughts on “The Story of Our Quilt

  1. That’s not cheating. I have a friend who sews buttons on my sweaters for me. She had a talent. Why not use it? This lady you found has a talent. Use it. Not cheating. Champing – I’m not a fan of sleeping outdoors but not so crazy about the church part, especially since many of your churches are so old. Sounds like it could be creepy.

  2. I wish I could meet this lady too.
    As a matter of fact, I have also quilt-top (only top)
    which I started to make almost what? 7~8 years ago?
    and gave up to finish it when I’d done the top part.
    I still don’t know what to do next. Maybe buy the backing
    fabric and what do you call? a thin layer of cotton and
    patch them together and just continue to stitch.
    Camping in a church, I would love that!
    Sounds very romantic to me.

    We have programs to mostly young children of
    camping at museums, aquariums or zoo.
    But I would not camp in a temple, which I did
    when young
    and it was so scary I could not go to the bathroom
    in the middle of the night after the monk told us the scary stories!

  3. Happy anniversary and what a lovely story your quilt has. It is beautiful. You are definitely not cheating. Here it is mostly the case that quilters send their quilt top off to be quilted and they just bind the edges. Quilting on a home machine is so hard, you were right to find a professional. Still, I wonder what a lot of kittens and some needles and thread could ahev achieved??!!

  4. Totally not cheating! My mother-in-law hand-quilts some of her pieces, but has others sent out to be done by people with the correct quilting equipment. Just like it’s not cheating to knit with yarn spun by someone else – you can choose to do the entire process, or only a part of it.

    Camping in a church sounds… odd. It’s so echo-y… I’m not sure if I’d be able to get to sleep.

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