Syjunta, Syjunta

I enjoyed my last afternoon having a Syjunta that I organised another one for today. I enjoyed tidying up and cutting these beautiful roses I found in the garden, to welcome my guests.

I got a selection of lovely cheeses and breads (and chicken for pao the cheese hater)

and got out the crockery we’d inherited from pao’s mother

and baked a lovely lemon and raspberry cake (I took a leaf out of Jeanne’s cupboards and got a Betty Crocker kit).

It was such an enjoyable afternoon. I worked on my sock surprisingly without any kitten intervention whatsoever (maybe they are growing up?)

One of my guests had given me some beads she’d made at school and I made us both some stitch markers. She is a keen crocheter so I made some with some lobster clasps which she can unclasp easily and I made myself these with split rings for knitting.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Saturday without the cats. Katerina was already sleepy before we began.

Claude was very excited by the roses which sent me straight to Google as he started licking them. Thankfully I can report that roses are not poisonous to cats!

Happy Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Syjunta, Syjunta

  1. Betty Crocker does a nice job. And you improved it with your strawberries and blueberries.

  2. Mrs. Pao,
    dropped your lovely blog after so some time
    Beautiful pictures as ever

  3. sorry for my silly grammatical mistake
    should have been ‘dropped by’ ?
    I should learn English much harder…

  4. That looks like a lovely afternoon! And glad to know about roses and cats. My Suzy will try to eat any plants I bring in the house, so while I don’t have flowers inside very often, it’s good to know that roses are a safe option.

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