Caturday’s Been Framed

I have to be super careful to keep the door to my workroom shut as those kittens love to get in and go crazy with any yarn they can get their paws on. Unfortunately, I popped downstairs to make a quick lunch intending to go straight back up but got sucked into watching another episode of Black Sails with pao. An hour later, I was looking round and realised Katerina was not present.

We rushed upstairs and were puzzled to find this.

Tamyra isn’t really into stealing yarn.

Katerina was busy playing with another two skeins in our bedroom.

But this yarn was under Tamyra’s body so we are wondering if Katerina has framed her.

After all, this is the face of naughtiness!

5 thoughts on “Caturday’s Been Framed

  1. Oh maybe your house is like our house,where the new puppy has imbued the older dog with new life and playfulness and wickedness. Surely those are the faces of good kittens, just helping you with the knitting?

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