Doodling and dribbling

pao surprised me with this watercolour palette as a get well gift. It is a beautiful Sakura Koi palette which I’d read about on a journalling blog (I can’t remember which now) but thought it was a pretty neat set.

It comes with a water brush which I enjoyed playing with. I’m quite impressed with the stripes.

I liked painting this rose enhanced with a bit of gold ink and the good old Sharpie.

Of course, I couldn’t resist another kitty cat. I started out with stark black whiskers but felt they were too stark so in trying to tone them down, I made them a bit thick! So I went for gold and traced them over with some Windsor and Newton gold ink I had handy.

And you know that I got a new helper so that distracted me a bit!

3 thoughts on “Doodling and dribbling

  1. Hi there, I found your blog by accident when searching for the origin of the word ‘gobelin’- which turned out to be very interesting to lovers of colour and the history of dyes. Historically it should be a slightly muted scarlet, not the blue/green of Sylko! Like you I collect old wooden spools of Sylko although they are getting harder to find. My most treasured is a half-sized spool of dark ‘gobelin’- that belonged to my great aunt. I wanted to send you a photo of it, but your site doesn’t seem to have the facility. Great to find another collector. 👋

  2. I have that set! Sakura Koi has good colors – and their water brushes are my favorites. I like your watercolor pages!

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