Caturday’s got a clean bill of health

Claude had a visit to the vets and he was pronounced well!

We also took Tamyra and Katerina along, too, as Tamyra was due to have her shots. Tamyra also got a good report having lost weight (slight yay for kittens devouring her food, perhaps) and was pronounced magnificent. Claude was pronounced well and the vet fell in love with Katerina giving her a cuddle and kiss on her pretty little head. We are getting used to people stopping to talk to the kittens especially when they see Katerina. It isn’t often that you get three Norwegian Forest cats in one place. When we tell people that Claude and Katerina will be Tamyra’s size, they are quite amazed. I think I’ll have to do more weight-lifting in preparation!!

3 thoughts on “Caturday’s got a clean bill of health

  1. So glad all is well and those kittens look very satisfied and happy!! Weight lifting training should start immediately!!!

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