Catwalk : Cat 11: Max

Max is actually this cat’s real name! 🙂
Max presented me with a little surprise. For weeks I thought Kevin was around a lot. It was only when I saw him and Kevin together that I realised there were TWO cats! Max’s owner made me laugh when she told me that she and her neighbour owned six cats between them and most of them black and white. Oh my… that is a lot of cats on that journey and I haven’t seen that many of them in that case!




So this is my cat walk to work. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I do. I’m often in a little hurry once I’ve gotten past the kitty-laden section of my walk as many of them, particularly Kevin and Martin, who love a bit of affection. It is nicer on the way home in the evening as I’ve got longer to chat to them and little Molly who is out more in the evening!

2 thoughts on “Catwalk : Cat 11: Max

  1. Max and Kevin do lot an awful lot alike. I can see why you would have thought there was only one cat.

  2. Mrs Pao- Well, black and whites are my particular favorites, but I do think you are a cat whisperer, and therefore a very special person.

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