Ten on a … : 10 Favorite Breakfast Foods

1. Pancakes – blueberry are my most favourite but pumpkin spice are all good too.

2. Bacon and eggs

3. Scrambled eggs (only if they are made by pao) with smoked salmon if I’m lucky

4. Porridge. I love Oat So Simple because it makes it really easy to make it. My mum and I used to eat porridge late at night when I was a kid – no idea why.

5. Waffles. I have a waffle iron which is amazing 🙂

6. Eggs Benedict from Cafe Rouge.

7. Fresh baguette and French butter.

8. Fresh fruit salad.

9. Latkes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. My friend Jan makes amazing latkes.

10. Crumpets. Another childhood favourite. My mum used to toast them with cheese on the top.

“Did someone say breakfast?”

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