Weekly Stills

I came across this idea of weekly stills at the Beetle Shack and thought it might be fun to do. It is a little like Wordless Wednesday but there is a list at the end to say what they all are. So I’ve made an effort this week to try and take some photos amidst all the busy-ness.











1. We spent all of last Saturday washing clothes in a laundrette. All of that washing has produced all of that ironing which Tamyra is rather keen that I stop doing and stroke her instead.

2. There is much posturing over the spot below the main radiator in the hallway. Sirius claimed it a long time ago but Tamyra has other ideas.

3. We’ve had unbelievable amounts of rain so the river is very high.

4. We’ve just had the latest series of Sherlock on TV so I was amused by this deerstalker hat in a shop window.

5. Saturday breakfast. Jammy danishes about to go in the oven.

6. Sale fabrics. Time for more pillowcases!

7. Tamyra protesting against tax returns.

8. Homemade pizza with shortcrust pastry.

9. Stuff on my Caturday.

10. Lovely crochet hooks. A nice belated Christmas present from pao – I love them!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Stills

  1. Oh no ! I started you down a bad path with those pillowcases but really like the fabrics in #6. Can’t wait to see the finished ones!

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