Making Monday: Not much to show

I’m usually quite a prolific maker with something always on the go but this past week, I’ve really not felt up to it. I did teach my WI to make bootees on Wednesday last week but after that I really felt too ill to do much more than watch some old episodes of Once Upon a Time, catch up with reading some blogs a little and sleep ever such a lot.

I have that eternal problem with these – I really don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn to finish them. I did weigh them and I think I’ll pip in there but I’ll have to be careful!

At least Tamyra has one thing she enjoys about me being ill. She likes drinking the cooled water after I’ve been steaming my sinuses. I have to watch her carefully to make sure it is cold before she gets near it.

3 thoughts on “Making Monday: Not much to show

  1. Yes – I don’t dare leave water of any temperature laying around or it gets contaminated by kitty paws.

  2. Dogs like drinking ‘interesting ‘water too. Especially horrid boogelly pond water. Hope you are feeling better????

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