Making Monday : Spun and Knit

I’ve been madly knitting away on this Textured Shawl (Ravelry link) as I figured it would be the nicest way to show off my handspun. As I knit, I realise how much of a beginner I am with spinning as there are some slubby bits and worse still some very overspun thin bits that have twisted into themselves. I did try and straighten some of this out when I was plying but we’ll see how things work out when I’ve blocked it out. I’m thinking that I need to be super careful with the blocking and not stretch it too much. I used three combinations: alpaca and mystery fibre I found in my fibre stash, Falkland and Wensleydale, and Falkland and alpaca. Out of the four fleeces, I liked Falkland fleece the best – it spun smoothly and I was a a little sad when I ran out 🙂 The Falkland is the whitest of them all – you could say the fairest of them all (yes, I’ve been watching too much Once Upon a Time)

I need your help, knitters (and non-knitters are welcome to pitch in with an opinion, too). I want to make a shawl to wear at my 40th party at the beginning of July. I have some beautiful grey/blue Helen’s Lace in the 809 Midway colour and want to knit something beautiful to go with this dress or this dress (I am veering more to the second dress) in the Navy/blue colour. I’ve picked out two shawls that I think I’d like to knit:

(Image courtesy of Ravelry)
1. Aeolian Shawl

(Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed Ravelry page)
2. Rock Island by Brooklyn Tweed.

I had a little moment of panic this morning, I took Sirius and Tamyra outside for a short while and couldn’t find him. It was only when I looked in the bushes, I saw those green eyes glinting at me. He made a little noise as if to say ‘Haha, got you’.

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  1. ,I bet your heart was in your mouth, how scary, he’s a wicked boy. Can only see the second dress and it is lovely and so yes, #2!!!

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