Making Monday : Imaginary

This Monday, I want you to use your imagination as some klutz forgot to charge her camera battery.

Several things were achieved this past week, but mainly the finishing of the Dover Castle shawl. And you all correctly said, it would be gorgeous and it is. The grey border sets the lavender off nicely and I’m looking forward to wearing it. I also drew my next victims sock yarn from my own sock club which turned out to be four balls of Rowan 4 ply so knee high socks are next on the agenda.

I’ve been busy looking after the gallery. This time I’m right in the centre of Canterbury and it is extremely busy. My friend Anne is a knitwear designer and I’m having quite a blast trying clothes on as it is like a giant dress up for grown ups 🙂

We have had some silly cold weather and a bit of snow here which has been ok and mostly melted here but I had no time to make a snow cat as I’d intended.

I did happen to have this photo hanging about so you don’t have to imagine Sirius but I’m sure those of you who have met him would agree that you don’t need to imagine the mischief Sirius can get up to as he is quite capable of dreaming up his own mischief.

3 thoughts on “Making Monday : Imaginary

  1. A box?? What could be a finer place for a cat than a box?? I am so glad your shawl had turned out so well!!

  2. Have you posted a photo of the finished Dover Castle shawl yet? I don’t recall seeing it, but that could be because I’ve fallen behind on my blog reading…

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