Ten on a Tuesday : 10 Reasons Why You Are Ready for Winter To Be OVER

1. I’m itching to get into the garden to do some tidying up and planting. I am staring longingly at seed packets and my messy garden.

2. I’ll stop wishing that I’d have finished my blanket so I can use it.

3. I’m keen to get back outside into the sunshine again.

4. The days will be longer and the wind less biting.

5. I’ll stop wanting to eat everything in sight because I’m cold.

6. It will be spring!

7. It will be light when I drive home in the evenings.

8. There won’t be horrible bugs going round.

9. I really want to eat BBQ food.

10. I’m getting bored with winter food and soups.

Sirius would like some real flowers to sniff!

6 Responses to “Ten on a Tuesday : 10 Reasons Why You Are Ready for Winter To Be OVER”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I agree with all of these wholeheartedly!

  2. 2paw Says:

    Yes, but exactly the opposite: I want Summer to be over!!

  3. lorraine Says:

    Mrs. Pao- But then the real bugs will come out- flies, wasps and bees.

  4. Kristi aka FiberFool Says:

    So many good ones I can totally relate to! The wind this winter has been especially biting. More so than I recall it being in recent years and we’ve had a good bit of it lately too.

  5. Chris Says:

    Please, just let winter be DONE.

  6. Nicole Says:


    (I love soup. This is my favorite part about winter, I think, that I can eat soup all the time.)

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