52 Books in 52 Weeks : 11/52 Pretty Dead Things by Barbara Nadel

I think I’m just making it a habit – this novel is set before the two that I read before (perhaps I’m a novel time traveller?). Cetin Ikmen is called in to find a missing woman married to one of Instanbul’s movers and shakers. The missing woman, Emine Asku, is known to be promiscuous and her husband is concerned that her latest lover has harmed her.

The police are fairly convinced that she is now deceased so they start to put together the pieces to track down a murderer linked to the heady days in the 70s when Turkey was on the hippy trail to the East. To make things more complicated, they find quite an old and unidentified skeleton of a woman eerily placed in a plant pot at the Kamondo Stairs.

I did enjoy this novel again but not as much as the ones I’d read previously. I am glad to have read it and am looking forward to another.

This is when I put a brass camel in the cat bed to see what Tamyra would do. She doesn’t look all that impressed, does she?

One thought on “52 Books in 52 Weeks : 11/52 Pretty Dead Things by Barbara Nadel

  1. No, she does not look impressed at all. I am so behind in my book list. Maybe I should do that tomorrow??

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