Mr Marmalade

I found some very cheap Seville oranges and thought that a little marmalade-making would be a nice weekend activity.

pao and I had intended to make marmalade together.

But I was feeling tired and grotty.

So pao stepped into the breach and got on and starting making it.

He is a very neat chopper – it took him about an hour whilst watching the tennis this morning to chop all the peel.

We had even acquired the muslin that all the recipes mentioned – normally we omit that stage.

The saucepan was fairly full so I was glad I’d only gotten one bag of oranges.

pao’s grandmother’s jam pan getting good use.

I came down to help skim the top off (which was very nice on toast later on). Yes, there is a leg of lamb sitting next to the marmalade – he also cooked a full roast lunch, too.

and pour the marmalade into jars. My funnel wasn’t quite right for the jars – so I poked the strips of orange into the jars with the back of a fork.

We even did the wax seal bit. We both wondered how someone realised that the wax seal and cellophane helped to preserve jam.

It was delicious on a piece of toast 🙂 I’m very pleased that Mr Marmalade makes rather lovely Orange and Grand Marnier Marmalade. Thank you, Mr Marmalade.

5 thoughts on “Mr Marmalade

  1. Wonder how long it will last as I am rather partial to marmalade. Next time I will put a drop of whiskey in.

  2. Oh, that looks so wonderfully delicious!! What a clever cook he is and I hope you are feeling better now. I must have a go at some lemon and lime marmalade as I can’t have oranges.

  3. DH and I have talked about making marmalade, but we’ve never gotten around to it yet. I’m very intrigued to give it a go though. Your post makes it look a tad more accessible than I thought.

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