A Year of Creativity : Weeks 3 & 4

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As part of the Year of Creativity project, participants get sent an email with some things to think about each week. Last week, we had some creative exercises to warm up our creative muscles. Here is my take on the question posed:

How many uses can you think of for a drinking straw?

1. Emergency DPN holder. Just twist the ends and you have something to keep your DPNs together.

2. Novel hair bow – just tie the loops 🙂

3. Bracelet

4. With some cutting and pin holes, make a tiny whistle

5. Cut a bit off to make an emergency spoon.

I spent a long time staring at a straw to come up with those! Can you suggest any more?

Week 4’s email suggested that I take a walk and take photos of things that inspire. I went out on Wednesday just because it was a beautiful day with no agenda in mind before I’d read the email so needed to go out again.

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

I had been intending to go to Ickham yesterday but after my fall, I was too bruised and battered to move from the sofa. We went today but in the car instead as I’m a little more sore today in places I wasn’t sore yesterday but I did find a few things to inspire me.

I love the shape of these finials on the church gate. I think they’d be a marvellous thing to make into a piece of jewellery.

A beautiful thought.

I like looking at plans of things and I’m in the process of looking at making a plan for my Babette blanket to see how what I have left to do. (Especially now I have found the magazine with the pattern in again.)

I love tiles and I thought these were very pretty. You will have to excuse the lopsided-ness of them as I was finding it difficult to kneel down!

I think the detail on these lightbulbs is lovely. We have some similar ones in our hallway and they aren’t cheap but I am glad to know that someone didn’t skimp and buy the cheapest ones. I like the curl and twist.

This was part of the carving on the organ. I like looking at the regularity of the carving and the daisy motif.

I’m a bit too tired now to reflect more so it is time for more painkillers and a nap but I am so throughly enjoying the Year of Creativity. It is starting to help me connect more with my creative self.

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  1. Drinking straws also make pretty awesome cat toys. The babies loved them when they were little.

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