Snow Sunday

Well, I’ve managed to do all the things I needed to do using the car whilst the snow wasn’t too bad. It had mostly melted when I needed to go out but today we have constant snowfall. Just the day to stay in and make soup!

Of course, I had to get the cats’ minds off their cat bed wrestle so I invited them to go outside. Sirius was happy with the idea but once he got out there, he was a little perturbed by the snow.

Tamyra is always keen to find out what Sirius is doing so she asked to go out but once she realised it was freezing, she demanded to go in.

I thought it was only fair that she did a pawprint in the snow so we could compare with Sirius’ feet.

Sirius prefers to not sit in the snow.

It does look pretty on the leaves

and rosemary.

I am glad to be indoors today though. As Louise remembers well, we don’t do snow here and it gets a bit chaotic as no one knows what to do. There are two hills between here and Canterbury so those are the points where I’m most likely to get stuck in the car so I think I’ll just stay in, keep warm and knit a bit.

2 thoughts on “Snow Sunday

  1. Oh I love their little paw prints. That’s such a lot of snow. We are sweltering here now. I dream of a little coolness….

  2. Stay home you are safer and warmer. We had a 45 below zero farenheit windchill today….BRRR

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