Making Monday : Stripy Socks and When a Cowl Becomes a Blanket

I am so happy I finished these vanilla socks. The yarn is a very beautiful On Your Toes gifted to me by Jeanne. Yay! They are beautiful, warm and lovely to wear as the yarn contains aloe vera. Fancy 🙂

I’ve also been working on my Betty Mouat Cowl but I’ve got a problem. I love it but… I think I would love it more as a blanket. I’ve been wanting to make a blanket for a while and I think the length is probably nice enough to make a lap blanket. I’m going to have a rummage through the stash and see what worsted I have left hanging around. I’ve found some odd bits of yarn left from old projects and bits and pieces I’ve found in a sale so that’ll be enough to be going on with. I think I’ll knit the cowl itself in a much lighter weight yarn and maybe in just one colour.

The cat bed saga continues…

I’ve made Sirius up a little spot near the other radiator in the room. I’m still debating as to whether to get him another bed of his very own or let them tough it out….

4 thoughts on “Making Monday : Stripy Socks and When a Cowl Becomes a Blanket

  1. Oh no, you can’t let Sirius tough it out. Poor kitten!! Lovely striped socks, and the aloe vera will be so nice. Good luck with the blanket, I’d like to make one, but they are so loooooong!!

  2. I recommend that you let him tough it out for another week. He can handle it. Like the socks!

  3. I love the socks!

    I’d give the cat bed saga a little more time. Why buy another cat bed right away when this drama would probably happen all over again with the new bed?

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