52 Books in 52 Weeks: 2/52 Three-Day Town by Margaret Maron

I really enjoy Margaret Maron’s Judge Knott series and would love to read more of her Sigrid Harald series. In this story, Judge Knott and Detective Harald join forces which is a collaboration that I really enjoyed.

Since their marriage, Deborah and her husband Dwight never had a proper honeymoon. They were offered a week in New York staying at a relative’s apartment and Deborah’s family offered to care for Dwight’s son, Cal. Just before they depart, Sigrid’s grandmother asks Deborah to take a package to her daughter in New York. Sigrid is volunteered to collect the package but before she can collect it, the package is stolen and the building super is found murdered in the apartment.

Between them, Deborah and Sigrid need to work out what was going on. Was the statue the parcel contained the reason for the murder? Where was it? Who was the killer?

Another engaging read by Margaret Maron. There was a quick peek at the next novel at the end of the book and I’m very excited about it.

I have been given the most beautiful handmade gift of some gauntlets by a friend of mine who has a business making clothing using a knitting machine 🙂

So pretty! They fit really nicely over my gloves.

Tamyra seems to think they are hers!!

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