I’ll take any flavour as long as it is vanilla

One of my craft resolutions was to have a vanilla sock on the go and so far, so good. It was great to have something ready and quick to knit when I’m feeling tired, waiting around or just switching my brain off. The yarn was a gift from Jeanne – it is called On Your Toes and has aloe vera in it. A very nice yarn to knit with 🙂

Tamyra isn’t even trying to look impressed.

In a mad fit of stupidity, I put my favourite travel mug in the dishwasher and it now looks extremely sad 🙁 Anyone got any ideas of a nice mug cozy pattern I can knit up quick to smarten up my sad mug. It is a Caribou Coffee one from MN so a bit special so I’m going to try and save it. I did break the flip top lid off just after I bought it so I have been very careful not to lose the lid. One night, it dropped off as I was in a car park. Luckily, I realised and was able to trace my steps to find that little bit of plastic the next day – thankfully unharmed!

5 thoughts on “I’ll take any flavour as long as it is vanilla

  1. It’s always the favorites that things happen to, isn’t it?

    I’ve got an octopi cozy in my favorites that I keep meaning to knit….

  2. It’s pretty sad that you can’t put a travel mug in the dishwasher without that happening. I don’t have any good cozy patterns though. I like the socks…..

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