My first best canine customer @ Creek Creative

I’ve just done my first day of my last jewellery event this year and tomorrow will be the last sale until 2013! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone but what a great way to finish the year – I love the way my table looks and have been busily making new bits and bobs.

You do meet some wonderful people at craft fairs but it is a rare occasion when you meet a wonderful dog like Bob! He was absolutely wonderful – really photogenic and so friendly! His very kind owner let me take a photo of him for my blog.

She also bought him his very own brooch! Doesn’t he look super?

2 thoughts on “My first best canine customer @ Creek Creative

  1. Absolutely love your table looks too, Mrs. Pao!!!
    You’ve done a great job.
    Are those knitted flower brooches new items of yours?
    They are soooo lovely!
    Bob the dog looks so friendly and smart as well and also
    the brooch makes him more handsome!!!

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