Louise the fixer

Remember the fox bag I was going to make? I did work on it with a friend but there was a bit of wonkiness in that the handle was twisted and we had been quite befuddled in how it all worked. When I mentioned that I’d inherited an old handcrank Singer sewing machine, Louise said she could figure out how to fix it to my very great joy.

Louise explained that the pattern we’d used was a little complex as it used the concept of darts which would be a bit difficult for a beginner.

She then resewed the ends.

Marked out where to sew across to make the darts.

And resewed the edges of the bag.

Yay! Fully functioning fox bag! I used to to store my knitting in when we headed to Leeds Castle. I left my camera in the car so I’ll have to get those photos off Paul’s when I get a moment. What a superstar, Louise is and she is so good at explaining and figuring out things 🙂

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