It was Jeanne’s birthday earlier in the month and I asked Louise what I should get her when I saw her back in November. Louise said we should surprise her so a plan came together. It was quite hard to keep a secret for 2 months but we managed it.

We rather enjoyed the subterfuge as we were hearing about Jeanne bring confused to why Louise was taking such a weird route to Gainesville. Little did she know we were both heading her way in the Cilantro. 🙂

It’s been lovely to spend time with them, Joyce and Michelle.

Joyce very kindly took us to see some alligators and bats flying out at dusk. Both such magical experiences.

I even made a new friend Lenny.

His mama Lola is a beautiful girl.

Lovely Charlie dog is so sweet too.

Dear Mum

I wish you were here today. You’d be a bit grumpy, I know, but your my mum and I miss you. You would be my number 1 fan, my harshest critic, my advocate. You’d throw yourself under a bus than see something bad happen to me. You put me ahead of yourself. Cared a lot. Loved me. Made me cry. Hurt me. Loved me more. I am never going to feel that connection I felt with you with anyone else. When you died, I felt that cut when you left the earth. I miss you so much.


Now Christmas is over, I was able to plunge into a new project. I’ve been helping my friend Linda at WhitKnits and saw she made an amazing shawlette. I liked the colours that were on offer by West Yorkshire Spinners and choose the Blue Tit colourway.

I combined it with some navy yarn, I’d got on holiday in Cromer last year. I visited a gansey exhibition at The Mo which was quite brilliant. I was reminded by Louise that I really ought to post some photos so that’ll be coming soon. 🙂

We Built This Village

♫…on gingerbread…♫

♫…and vanilla cake…♫

♫…and marshmallows…♫

If you build it, they will eat it.

Claude was very interested in it but had to be banned or we might have had a catzilla moment.