The summer of finishing off – Part 1

It is ridiculously difficult to knit with Claude and Katerina around. Whenever, I get knitting out, a weird crazed expression comes over their faces and they cannot leave me alone. Trust me, I’ve tried. So knitting has been difficult and blocking more so.

I’ve had to resort to saving my knitting activities for a cat sitting stint. Ironic? Yes, I know.

I started this Textured shawl in 2013 and I loved the spinning of the yarn, the plying and the knitting. I had one bobbin of yarn left and worried a little about if it would be big enough or there would be yarn enough. Of course, the bobbin and yarn were like crack to those kittens. It was the worst sort of yarn as the kittens are quite keen on the natural fibres.

I got to a stage where I was finished as far as I was concerned as I didn’t want to spin any more yarn as that would be a whole new adventure for Claude and Katerina.

I have been looking forward to seeing what the blocked version was like. If you’ve been on Instagram, you would have had a peek at this detail.

It was great to have the space and absence of pesky kittens to get this blocked properly.

The yarn really opened up and despite the little curls, I thought the shawl looked pretty wonderful.

I managed to get a little photo shoot in my friend’s garden

And my friend’s cat Hugo came for a look at what I was doing but not a paw touched the shawl. I was impressed.