Caturday likes the butternut squash

We had some roasted butternut squash the other night and I’d left the innards on the side as we were having our dinner.

Some little kittens were quite interested in it and knowing from 2Paw that pumpkin is good for kitties, I let them devour whatever was left on the squash.

Little Katerina is quite funny. She guards her squash growling at anyone who comes along near her. It was very funny watching her. We had a little scare with her this week. Her fur was looking a bit greasy and parted like our very sick cats had in the past so we didn’t delay and got her appointment with the vets. The vet amused us as she looked and looked and then said she couldn’t find anything wrong with her and perhaps she might be a bit dirty? So Katerina did get a wash and blowdry she didn’t seem to mind.

Claude was rather taken with the squash – he was very happy indeed. These kittens are insatiable and will eat anything!

Caturday’s First Visit to the Garden

We were inspired by Jeanne and Eileen’s kitties to think about getting collars on the kittens so they can go out in the garden and today was dry-ish and not as cold so I thought we’d try it out.

I’d been getting them used to the collars for a few weeks. I have had to get Claude one which is slightly bigger than he needs as he is growing so much.

Claude does look rather dashing in his collar and leash.

Jeanne suggested getting collars that contrasted with their fur.

Katerina looks so wild!

She is a little bigger but hasn’t grown quite in the same way that Claude has.

Tamyra seemed to be bemused by us taking the kittens in the garden.

She watched from the doorstep. She isn’t a cat who likes to be cold.

Claude seemed to enjoy playing with fallen leaves.

Happy Caturday!