Caturday’s Cat’s Got Eggs

I usually buy my eggs from a lady in the village who sells them from her house. Normally I’ll go and get greeted by a cacophony of barking and two little faces of a wiry terrier and a sleek black labrador but on Thursday as I walked up the drive and gentle rang the bell, this little friend came sleeking out of the shed.

It was pretty clear that none of the humans were at home and she felt she could make an appearance but she did keep looking at the house in case those dogs got out and started running.

I rang the bell again to be sure, and lo, came the barking and my small new friend looked at me and I headed off home again.

Get by with what you got cake

It has been a long time since I’ve baked anything and anyone who has been to our house knows the cupboards are stuffed the rafters with strange and unusual ingredients that we might have bought on a whim. I happened upon a Christmas cake kit complete with fruit, icing and marzipan in the cupboard which I’d bought just after Christmas when it was going for a song (99p in Waitrose for the interested) and it clicked that I’d just been thinking about buying a simnel cake for Easter.

I had bought such a beautiful simnel cake last year from Betty’s Tearoom in York which we rather enjoyed but it didn’t have the traditional balls of marzipan on to represent the apostles minus Judas on it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very tasty cake.

pao commented that the little packet of marzipan in the box wasn’t going to be enough for the cake as there is marzipan in the middle and on the top of the cake. I used the tiny packet for the middle and made a mental note to buy some marzipan in the week but two large packets of ground almonds caught my eye and I looked up the recipe for marzipan to discover it was ridiculously easy to make with ingredients I already had so today I had a glorious free day to myself and set out to make marzipan.

I am so immensely grateful for my Kitchen Aid mixer my friends and family clubbed together to get me as it made short work of bringing the marzipan together.

It made a beautiful top for my cake.

I glued it on with some apricot jam my friend had given me and made my eleven balls. They are a bit larger than normal but I do like marzipan! I feel rather pleased as I had only used things I had at home already and only had to buy another pack of eggs. I still have to brown the top of my cake but I’ll do that at the weekend as I want to give the marzipan a chance to dry out a bit first.


It is ten years today since pao got George (his cornea transplant). We are so thankful for organ donors and for George’s donor’s family for allowing pao the most wonderful gift.

Caturday’s Cats in Windows

I’ve been on quite a few early morning walks recently and the cold weather has meant that I’ve not come across many outside cats but I have seen a few cats catching the rays in their windows.

It was only when this cat blinked I realised there was a cat there.

The ultimate in cat-o-flague?

I saw this little sweetie when I went to visit Wye Farmer’s market this morning.

Definitely a kitten – immensely excitable!

Pottery-ing about

We won a couple of tickets to do some pottery throwing at Aylesford Pottery last weekend.

We can attest it is certainly harder than it looks!

I have a new found respect for Richard’s skill at Canterbury Pottery.

Sorry pao, Richard remains my favourite potter especially when you get a wobble on.

I also gave it a go – it’s a lot of fun – quite messy!

We did see some very pretty cats, too.

Caturday’s Wind Up Merchant

I got a new swift from a farmer’s market going cheap for a fiver so I thought I’d give it a spin today.
Someone got excited. A little too excited!

“I’m innocent,” he says.

“Can’t see a thing.”

But we all know what that look is all about!!